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Emergency Dentist in Crownsville

Where can I find an emergency dentist in Crownsville?

Are you finding it too difficult to concentrate on your daily goings-on with that pesky toothache? You may benefit from scheduling a consultation with Greater Annapolis Family Dental, the leading emergency dentist in Crownsville. Dr. Rodney Floyd has been treating dental emergencies in the Crownsville and greater Annapolis area for thirty years. At Greater Annapolis Family Dental we provide prompt and compassionate care for your discomfort so that you can return to your normal daily routines. Whatever your dental emergency may be; you can count on Greater Annapolis Family Dental to restore your oral health.

Emergency Dentist in Crownsville

Our office handles a range of dental emergency conditions. Whether your tooth has a fracture, chip, been dislodged, avulsed or if a dental infection, broken dental filling, TMJ pain, problem with an erupting or impacted wisdom tooth, periodontal abscess, or toothache is present, your emergency dentist in Crownsville is well prepared to provide care. Toothaches may be accompanied by an infection, and are often caused by extensive dental decay or injury that has affected the nerve of a tooth. When the nerve of a tooth is irreversibly damaged and remains untreated, an infection can occur, which can further compromise the health of the tooth as well as your overall well being. It is important to seek prompt care when experiencing a toothache and the associated symptoms.

In some cases, a broken denture or dislodged dental crown can occur. Though not necessarily painful, Dr. Floyd understands the need for maintaining your professional appearance and treats them with the same urgency as other dental emergencies.

Whether you’re suffering from a toothache, broken denture, lost dental crown, or any other cause for discomfort, you can place your trust in Greater Annapolis Family Dental. One of the many reasons why our office has earned a reputation for excellence as an emergency dentist in Crownsville is our commitment to providing prompt and effective care. To learn more about the many services that we provide, or to schedule an appointment for care, give us a call today.


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