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Root Canal Crownsville

At Greater Annapolis Family Dental, we prioritize your comfort and strive to keep you at ease throughout every visit. We aim to provide stress-free solutions for all your dental healthcare needs. Whether you need a checkup and cleaning, a smile makeover, restorative care, or a root canal in Crownsville, we are well equipped to address your needs. With a success rate approaching 98%, root canal procedures remain the best way to save a natural tooth that has been significantly compromised by injury or decay.

Root Canal Crownsville

Underneath the outermost biting surface of each tooth is a layer of core tissues, blood vessels and nerves, which comprise the dental pulp. When a tooth has deep tooth decay or trauma that exposes these inner tissues to the environment, bacteria can enter the dental pulp and cause an infection. Symptoms of infection can include sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting down, or a persistent discomfort. It may also be accompanied by fever and swelling. If you’re experiencing any type of oral pain, it’s important to call our office immediately. As one of the first steps in care, our dentist will promptly perform an examination, using advanced digital radiography, as needed, to diagnose the precise cause of your toothache and determine if root canal in Crownsville is needed. A root canal procedure resolves infection, alleviates your toothache and prevents subsequent damage to your teeth. Our compassionate, highly trained professional team delivers the most precise and gentle care, and strives to mitigate any worry or discomfort you may experience during the course of your visit. Once your root canal is complete, we may recommend restoring the treated tooth with a dental crown, which helps strengthen and protect it, and improves its function and appearance.

With the use of leading-edge technology and methods of care, a root canal in Crownsville is as simple as getting a routine dental filling. When you visit us at Greater Annapolis Family Dental for root canal therapy treatment, you can expect personalized, gentle care from an experienced dentist and staff. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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