21032 Invisalign

For years now, Greater Annapolis Family Dental has been providing exceptional quality dental care to families throughout the Crownsville area, and welcomes the opportunity to make you smile. Our dentist is committed to keeping current with the latest advances in dental technology and technique, so that you can benefit from the most advanced options in care. From the essentials in preventive, pediatric and emergency treatment, to the latest in restorative, implant and laser dentistry, we’re an exceptional resource for your comprehensive oral care needs. If you have been considering straightening your smile, Dr. Floyd is certified to provide orthodontic treatment with 21032 Invisalign®[1].

21032 Invisalign

Could your smile use a gentle nudge in the right direction? With 21032 Invisalign, our dentist can utilize the latest dental technology to align your pearly whites without metal brackets and arch-wires. Beginning with a digital impression, the most sophisticated imaging software is used to analyze, simulate and prescribe a precise course of orthodontic treatment, completely personalized to your needs. Once the diagnostic workup is completed, your BPA-free aligners are custom fabricated at the Invisalign laboratory. While providing the same type of tooth movement as traditional metal braces, your clear and discreet Invisalign aligners incrementally move your teeth into their correct positions. Each set of custom-contoured aligners constitutes a phase of your treatment, and is typically worn for a few weeks at a time. As you progress through your sequence of custom aligners, your teeth are gradually ushered into proper alignment with the use of gentle and controlled forces.

Over the years, Invisalign has soared in popularity owing to its sleek, inconspicuous design. Whether you’re interested in maintaining a professional appearance at work, school, or just out among friends, we’re proud to offer this virtually invisible treatment solution for our patients. If you would like to learn more about orthodontic treatment with 21032 Invisalign, plan on scheduling a consultation at our office. To get started, contact our friendly staff at the number below today!

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[1] Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.